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January 31, 2002
Program Topic: Emergency Preparedness in Wellfleet – Richard Rosenthal, Chief of Police and Emergency Preparedness Manager
This program was arranged in response to concern about how the community might deal effectively with natural or manmade disasters that could occur in the future. It was presented by Richard Rosenthal, Chief of Police and Emergency Preparedness Manager. He focused on preparing for natural disasters which he indicated are the most likely type of emergency that might be experienced in Wellfleet. All who attended this program had the opportunity to ask Chief Rosenthal questions and to receive answers.

February 28, 2002
Program Topic: The Mission of Lower Cape Cod Community Development Corporation, including Small Business Development and Housing

This Forum program was not held due to poor attendance. Its purpose was to provide information on the services available to Lower Cape residents by Lower Cape Cod Community Development Corporation (CDC). Gwen Pelletier, CDC Executive Director, John Burns, Director of Economic Development Programs, and Cheryl Gayle, Director of Housing Programs were the scheduled speakers. This program may be scheduled at a later, non-winter, date.

March 21, 2002
Program Topic: What’s up in Wellfleet? 
This program featured the following people: Council on Aging Director, Jacqui Wildes, who discussed the new Senior Center; Building Use Committee Chair, Helen Purcell, who discussed planning for the use of the former Catholic Church property on Main Street; Selectman, Dale Donovan, who presented information on the public water system; and Assistant Town Administrator, Rex Peterson, who reported on Wellfleet’s progress in making use of technology to better serve the public.

April 18, 2002
Program Topic: A Discussion of Special Town Meeting Warrant Articles
This Forum program provided citizens with an opportunity to learn more about, and to discuss, any of the three dozen articles that were being considered at the April 22nd Town Meeting. In order to maximize use of the available time, attention focused on the articles which most interested those attending. A number of Town officials and board and committee members were invited to attend and to participate in the discussions. They were able to provide pertinent information and to answer audience questions.

May 23, 2002
Program Topic: Route 6 Motor Vehicle Crashes – Why They Occurred and How You Can Avoid Them
This program provided those attending with an opportunity to learn more about the situations and conditions that cause motor vehicle crashes on Route 6 in Wellfleet and other towns on the Lower Cape. Chief Richard Rosenthal introduced the program and provide historical data as well as current information about the traffic on all roads in the Town.

Sergeant Robert Hussey discussed breath testing, radar operation and accident reconstruction. He showed the audience several pieces of equipment used by the department. The number and variety of audience questions, and the tales that people told about their personal experiences while driving on Route 6, confirmed that there was high interest in this topic.

June 27, 2002

Program Topic: Questions about the Harbor: Come and Meet the Shellfish Constable Bill Walton
This Forum program provided citizens with an opportunity to meet Shellfish Constable Bill Walton. Mr. Walton described how Wellfleet Harbor is a unique natural resource that is used recreationally for swimming, sailing, boating, shell fishing and fin fishing as well as for a very successful aquaculture industry that produces some of the world’s most delicious oysters and clams.

Unfortunately, turnout was not as high as it might have been if the program had not been held at low tide when a number of people involved in aquaculture were working their grants.

July 25, 2002
Program Topic: Wellfleet Finances, Wellfleet History and Other Subjects of Interest to Taxpayers
This program focused on how the Town of Wellfleet raises and spends money. Selectman Dale Donovan introduced the topic and set the stage for the presentations that followed. He referred to historical documents that revealed low numbers that struck a familiar note with anyone over the age of thirty.

Town Administrator Tim Smith presented a breakdown of the portions of revenue that are received from various sources. He then described the process he and his staff use in developing the operating and capital budgets and indicated the portions of the current budget that are allocated to such functions as administration, elementary and secondary education, public safety, public works, human services, the library, and cultural and recreational activities. He also presented information on the Town’s debt, and discussed the Marina Enterprise Fund.

Timothy Woodman, who is a member of the Finance Committee discussed the role of the committee and described how it functions in overseeing the financial interests of the people of Wellfleet. Those who attended this program left with a much more complete understanding of the Town’s finances and current budget process..

August 29, 2002
Program Topic: Potluck Supper and Annual Meeting
This evening’s program was attended by members and guests who enjoyed a delicious potluck supper. This was followed by the Annual Meeting, and an auction. The latter was included to give those who attended an opportunity to bid on a small B&W television set and duffel bag that were acquired in connection with the purchase of office supplies used to produce the newsletters, postcards and posters. Denny O’Connell was the high bidder on the TV, while Ilse Johnson’s bid of five dollars made it possible for her to acquire the duffel bag.

The following members were elected to serve as officers for the 2002-03 year: President – Paul Conor, Vice President – Nancy Deppen, Treasurer – Peter Hall, and Membership Chair – Shirl Weber. As there were no nominations for secretary, it was agreed that someone would be appointed at the next board meeting.

Sept. 26, 2002
Program Topic: The Future of the Outer Cape, Will It Happen Here?
This month’s program focused on the Cape Cod Commission’s Regional Policy Plan which serves as the standard by which developments are reviewed and regulatedIt was introduced by Alan Platt and presented by John Lipman, members of the Cape Cod Commission. Those who attended also learned about the planning and regulatory functions of the Commission.

A number of proposals for significant developments on the Lower Cape were under consideration at the time. The audience was updated on each project. These included communications towers, a proposed Stop & Shop in Truro, a new W.H.A.T. Theater adjacent to the Wellfleet Post Office, a bioconversion waste facility somewhere on the Lower Cape, and a Toyota dealership in Orleans.

October 24, 2002
Program Topic: What’s Happening in Wellfleet? 
Th is program focused on the Main Street Community Center/Apartment Complex, water for the Central District Town Buildings and the new Senior Center. Rex Peterson, Assistant Town Administrator discussed the status of each project and described the progress that could be expected during the next few months.

COA Director, Jacqui Wildes, gave an update on the new Senior Center. She also told those attending about preliminary discussions with Outer Cape Health Services regarding their possible interest in locating a new facility adjacent to the Senior Center on Old County Road. .

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