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February 27, 2003
Program Topic: Regional Solid Waste Disposal, Recycling and Composting Facility
This program was presented by representatives of the “Citizens for the Preservation of Wellfleet” (CPW), an organization whose members have been concerned about the possibility of a regional composting facility being located in the Town. Regional waste disposal was the topic suggested by the greatest number of Wellfleet Community Forum members who responded to a survey requesting information for future programs. The survey was conducted during the summer of 2002.

Forum President, Paul Conor, moderated the program which was attended by about forty people. A panel consisting of Ira Wood, Drew Brown, and Ashley Fawkes-Sylver discussed the technical and financial information relative to composting municipal waste on a regional basis that led them, and CPW, to oppose the concept and proposal. They also presented alternatives to composting and reported briefly on the recently released draft report of a feasibility study on this subject. The program lasted about one hour including the question and answer period.

January 16, 2003
Program Topic: TRIAD: Programs Focusing On Seniors That Benefit The Entire Community

This Forum program provided an opportunity for people to learn about “Triad,” a community partnership between seniors, senior service agencies, law enforcement and public safety providers. It was held at four o’clock in the afternoon at the Senior Center. Those who attended learned that the primary goal of Triad is to reduce the criminal victimization of older citizens and to enhance the delivery of law enforcement services to this population.

Guest speaker was David Vieira, Triad Director and Deputy Sheriff, who has been responsible for developing and supporting programs in Wellfleet and each of the other towns in Barnstable County. Mr. Vieira pointed out that the Triad concept is implemented in each town through a S.A.L.T. (Seniors And Law enforcement Together) Council. In Wellfleet, S.A.L.T. members include Police Chief Richard Rosenthal, Fire Chief Alan Hight, Council on Aging members and Director Jacqui Wildes as well as a number of other people from the community. This council has been meeting and carrying out programs and projects since March, 2001.

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