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Shellfishing in Wellfleet

Shellfishing in Wellfleet


The Wellfleet Community Forum and the Wellfleet Non-resident Taxpayers’ Association will host a program on Shellfishing in Wellfleet on Tuesday July 30 at 7 PM in Preservation Hall, 335 Main Street, Wellfleet.  Among the topics covered will be the importance of shellfishing in Wellfleet, the “nuts and bolts” of farming oysters and clams, revised policies and regulations surrounding shellfishing, proper handling of oysters, the genetics of Wellfleet oysters, and a discussion of a new initiative to plan for the effects of climate change on commercial and recreational shellfishing in Wellfleet Harbor. 


The documentary “By the Waters” by Marnie Samuelson and Shane Hofeldt, about growing up and growing Wellfleet oysters and about connection to place, will be shown immediately after the panel discussion and question and answer period.


Featured speakers will include Barbara Austin, Chair of the Wellfleet Shellfish Advisory Board, who has been working her grant for over thirty years; Bob Wallace, a former Shellfish Constable and also a grant holder for over thirty years, and the proprietor of Billingsgate Shellfish; and Barbara Brennessel, Professor Emerita at Wheaton College, a biochemist and author of several books including Diamonds in the Marsh: A Natural History of the Diamondback Terrapin (2006) and Good Tidings: The History and Ecology of Shellfish Farming in the Northeast (2008).  Her next book, “The Alewives’ Tale,” will be published in Fall 2014.


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