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Board Meeting Minutes

MEETING: MAY 18TH, 5:00 p.m., Wellfleet Senior Center

PRESENT: R. Guernsey, J. Morrissey, J. Tash, J. Carlson, D. Elkin, E. Elkin, E. Savage, D. Wright

Draft Minutes: Unanimously accepted as presented

Treasurer’s Report: Status quo

NEW FORUM OFFICERS: It was decided that the nominating committee will be: E. Savage (chair), L. Vivante (co-chair), T. Cole, E. Elkin

(D. Guernsey,organizer of the Forum’s Adopt-a Highway crew, wondered if the 2 fellows who helped clean up last time would be interested in joining.)

ADOPT-A-HIGHWAY: Do we renew our participation in this program, Dick Guernsey asks? Would we renew for 1, 2 or 3 years? We would need a new co-ordinator, as Dick thinks he will only run the program through the Summer. He’s hoping for more participants, and wonders if we should put up a sign to get them.

FORUM DONATION REQUEST: Jeff Tash will post our request for donations soon. Our email list is now up to 251 people. With our increased online presence there have been increasing requests from community groups to announce their events under our rubric. Should we accept everyone? Discussion focused on the desire to “get out the word” versus email announcement fatigue…and the question of the Forum’s true mission. We don’t want to wear out our online welcome. Jeff Tash,who runs the page, said that he will exercise discretion in this matter.

FUTURE FORUM TOPICS: Julian Cyr and Sarah Peake will be speaking and answering questions on Sunday, June 11th, from 12-30-2:30 in the Senior Center. Town meeting format.
Should people be asked to submit questions in advance online? Yes.
We will need a moderator. Ira Wood? Dan Silverman?
And a tech person for microphones, etc.
The Elkins will put up posters/do the press release.
Pres. Morrissey has the sandwich board for Town Hall lawn.

OTHER TOPICS: The Forum topic, previously discussed, on 2 town institutions (The Library and Outer Cape Health) still holds interest…and will be postponed to September or October.
– Main Street? Town Hall Lawn? Memorial Garden?
– Water and Wastewater Justine Carlson would like to co-ordinate with Non-resident Tax Payers Association being here in town.
– Jeff Tash suggested we address the financial challenges facing the town. How will be handle them? More tax? Fewer services?

ADJOURN: It was moved and seconded to adjourn at 6:00 p.m. The next Forum meeting will be Thursday, June 15th, 5:00 p.m., Senior Center.

Respectfully submitted,
David Wright, sec.



MEETING: April 27th,2017, 5:00p.m., Wellfleet Senior Center
PRESENT: E. Elkin,R. Guernsey,L. Vivante,D. Elkin,J. Morrissey,J. Tash, T. Cole, E. Savage and D. Wright
MINUTES: The draft minutes of March’s meeting were unanimously approved.
TREASURER’S REPORT: We disbursed $62.00, leaving us a balance of $701.59

OPEN DISCUSSION/PUBLICITY: What is the most effective?
– D. Elkin has been making PSAs and wonders how effective they are?
-J. Tash says that our mailing list (email)is now in the vicinity of 237 recipients
-D. Guersney wondered if when/if we do an envelope for membership/donations there should be a space for including one’s email address. Perhaps a sign up sheet at meetings?
-J. Morrissey would like to send out an email invitation asking if those seeing it would like to continue receiving messages from the Forum.
-D. Wright said the most effective draw for Forum meetings is the topic itself. We’ve hosted several very well-attended meetings recently,presumably on the strength of the topic, to our ability to contact people.
-D. Ekin suggested we put announcements on the Wellfleet Community Space/Voice webpage.

DISCUSSION of CANDIDATE’S NIGHT: Everyone thought the meeting a good one,with great turnout. D.Wright said that he had written Ira Wood a note in thanks for his moderating the event.
DISCUSSION of PRE-TOWN MEETING: Everyone agreed that there was a great turnout for this useful annual meeting. Dan Silverman has been thanked.

DONATION REQUEST on our FORUM PAGE: There is a donation request now, but the feeling was that it need sot be focused somehow. Apparently, the smallest donation acceptable is $20.00.

June 10th in the Library (or possibly a bigger hall) E. Elkin has arranged for J. Cyr and S. Peake to address the town. It was suggested that perhaps our email list of Forum members might like to prepare a question in advance of the program,sent to us by return email from the announcement. It was also mentioned that the Senior Center would be better for filming the event, and efforts will be made in this direction.

-Update on TWO LOCAL INSTITUTIONS: Library and Outer Cape Health J. Morrissey will contact one of the Library Trustees; D. Wright will contact someone from Outer Cape Health. Available dates are: Monday, May 22nd, and May 30th and 31st (Tues. and Wed.) T. Cole, video master will be out of town from May 31st- June 10th.

– SOURCES of REVENUE for WELLFLEET: J. Tash wondered if Fred Mc: Gee from the Finance Committee would like to address this pressing topic. Higher taxes/fewer services/more user fees (such as pay parking meters). What will Wellfleet’s future be?
ADJOURN: The meeting broke up, after unanimous agreement, at 6:02 pm. The next Forum meeting will be Thursday, May 18th at 5:00, in the Senior Center.



MEETING: 5:00p.m., Thursday, March 16, 2017
PRESENT: J. Morrisey, R.Elkin, L. Vivante,R. Guernsey,E. Savage, J.Tash, D. Wright

MINUTES: The draft minutes for February were unanimously approved as presented.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Last month’s balance was $743.59. Due to a generous donation, our new balance is $763.59

SCHEDULED EVENTS: 1)Candidate’s Night: There are now 2 candidates running for Selectman. Other offices are running uncontested. The Forum event is scheduled for Monday, April 3, in the Senior Center, Ira Wood moderating. Co-ordinators are E. Savage and L. Vivante.

2) Pre-Town Meeting: Scheduled for April 19th, Senior Center, Dan Silverman moderating, David Wright co-ordinating. *

FUTURE FORUM TOPICS: A Forum presentation updating townspeople on the status of various municipal projects (and those affecting us). Three “institutions” proposed to present:

-The Wellfleet Public Library (John Morrissey, trustee and liaison)

 -Outer Cape Health Services (David Wright has spoken to Dan Hood,who is willing to speak to us.)

 -The Swap Shop (Lydia Vivante of the Recycling Comm. seems the logical liaison)

 -also mentioned: Town Hall lawn. Are there changes still planned for it, D. Elkin asked? What will it look like?

 -Esther Elkin will continue to pursue Julian Cyr/S. Peake to see if they would address our Forum

– Pay parking in Wellfleet? (J. Morrissey will call T.S. to see what the status of this notion is.

– Main St. Route 6 intersection re-vamp. Any news? Scheduled for 2018

A few of our proposed topics might fit under the umbrella of a discussion posing this question: If there is a financial squeeze in Wellfleet, which direction would you rather see the Town go in addressing it: high taxes, or fewer services? Jeff Tash proposed this as a Forum topic for September. He also favorably recalled previous Forums whose topic was: What’s on your Mind, Wellfleet, and suggested we might try this again.

ADJOURN: The meeting adjourned at 6:00 p.m.

The next meeting will be April 20th, Senior Center, 5:00 p.m.


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