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January 25, 2001

Program Topic: An Open Discussion of Concerns and Suggestions Regarding the Town and the Forum in 2001

An open discussion format was selected for this meeting in order to provide increased opportunities for community input and to aid in identifying potential program topics and Forum projects for the coming year. The open discussion is the first of three quite different formats that were recently adopted by the Board of Directors. The second format was to be used to present controversial topics in adversarial format with presentation time limits for each side, while the third would highlight one or more speakers who would discuss informational topics.

The Wellfleet Community Forum Board of Directors felt that by using these formats they could give those who attend the monthly meetings a greater opportunity to get their thoughts and concerns before the public, while also providing them with increased information and feedback.

February 22, 2001

Program Topic: Wellfleet’s Water Study – A Question and Answer Workshop With Consultants From Woodard and Curran

This Wellfleet Community Forum program provided residents with an opportunity to learn more about the community’s water situation. Consultants, Woodard and Curran, brought people up-to-date on the information that they had gathered. They reviewed what this information means to the community and pointed out the need to consider the practicality and cost of the possible solutions.

Those who attended were informed that with the Town’s water study is in its final stages, and with the Annual Town Meeting about ten weeks away, that they will quite likely be asked to consider one or more decisions relative to water in the Central District.

March 29, 2001

Program Topic: Local and Regional Programs that Can Increase Recycling in Wellfleet and on the Outer Cape

Selectman Roger Putnam, who is also a member of the Barnstable County Assembly of Delegates, reported on some of the more important environmental, legal and financial issues related to the Town’s recycling and disposal programs. He also discussed the final cleanup and capping of the landfill.

Selectman Putnam pointed out the potential advantages to Wellfleet of a regional approach in recycling various categories of municipal waste. As part of this presentation, he described the bioconversion facility that is operating on Nantucket. This system, which he had visited, utilizes organic household waste and septic sludge to produce compost.

People who attended this program had the opportunity to ask questions, to express their opinions, and to discuss various aspects of recycling and solid waste disposal.

April 19, 2001

Program Topic: Pre-Town Meeting – Discussion of Warrant Articles

This Forum program, like those held in the past prior to Town Meeting, gave people the opportunity to learn more about the articles, on which, they would be voting. Council on Aging/Senior Center Director, Jacqui Wildes, and Architects Eric Ammondson and Rob Meyer described the preliminary plans for the Senior Center. There was an opportunity to view the initial drawings and a model of the building. This was the only time this presentation was scheduled prior to Annual Meeting.

There was a brief update on the Articles to authorize the transfer of Town land to the Housing Authority for affordable housing and ample time to discuss other Articles to be considered at Town Meeting.

May 31, 2001

Program Topic: The Changing Character of Wellfleet Town Center; Past, Present and Future

This presentation was held in response to concerns that Forum members had expressed about changes that were occurring in what could be considered one of the Cape’s last town centers. It was presented by longtime Wellfleet resident and Forum Board member Brewster Fox. Mr. Fox used a number of “then” and “now” slides to illustrate his presentation. The audience found this presentation to be very informative. It was enjoyed by all who attended.

June 20, 2001

Program Topic: An Opportunity to Discuss Special Town Meeting Articles

Wellfleet residents had the opportunity to learn about and to discuss the six articles that were to be considered at the Monday, June 25th Special Town Meeting. The Forum invited representatives of the Town and others who explained the purpose of each article. There was an opportunity for audience questions, and people were encouraged to express their opinions about each of these warrant articles.

June 28, 2001

Program Topic: The Seashore: Great Island/Duck Harbor Plans and Ideas

This program was presented by Cape Cod National Seashore staff and representatives of the Town of Wellfleet. People from these agencies had met during the past few months to discuss the situation and to develop a plan that would protect the unique qualities of Great Island and Duck Harbor. They wanted input and were anxious to hear from Forum members as well as others in the community.

Seashore Superintendent, Maria Burks and staff members Nancy Finley, Harrison Gruman and Lauren McKean made the formal presentation. At the conclusion of the program, it was suggested that another Wellfleet Community Forum program be devoted to this topic when additional information in available and plans begin to gel.

July 26, 2001

Program Topic: The Interests and Concerns of Wellfleet’s Resident and Nonresident Taxpayers

Forum member, May Ruth Seidel, who was involved in forming the Wellfleet Nonresident Taxpayers Association and is serving as its president, reported on the group’s purposes and progress. Those who attended heard a report on a survey conducted by the organization to determine its members’ interests and concerns. The audience also had opportunity to receive information, and to ask questions, about Wellfleet’s Town Charter and the Local Comprehensive Plan. This presentation was made by former Wellfleet Community Forum President, and current selectman, Dale Donovan.

August 30, 2001

Program Topic: Potluck Supper, Annual Meeting and Open Discussion: What’s On Your Mind?

The nearly fifty people who attended this Wellfleet Community Form program enjoyed a delicious potluck supper and lots of good conversation. Following the meal, a short Annual Meeting was held. Then, a general discussion provided an opportunity for those who wished to present their concerns and to determine the reaction of others. In some cases, they were able to obtain additional information or to begin to develop plans to address specific problems that they brought to the group.

A number of ideas that were presented during the general discussion were recorded so that they could be considered by the Board of Directors in selecting and arranging future programs.

September 15, 2001

Program Topic: COASTSWEEP 2001 Beach Cleanup

Wellfleet Community Forum hosted COASTSWEEP 2001 which is part of the annual International effort to clean up beaches throughout the world. The Office of Coastal Zone Management coordinated this effort in Massachusetts. Forum members, Betty Kimball and Dale Donovan conducted the local effort. Volunteers reported to the Wellfleet Senior Center between eight and nine on Saturday morning. They enjoyed coffee, juice and donuts; were instructed about their task; received the necessary supplies, and selected their beaches before heading out for the shoreline.

These volunteers returned to the Senior Center after cleaning 16 miles of beaches and removing 505 pounds of debris. Cape Cod National Seashore staff and Town of Wellfleet Public Works Department members aided the effort by picking up the bags of debris and taking them to the Wellfleet transfer station.

September 27, 2001

Program Topic: Planning for the Future: A Presentation by Rex Peterson, Wellfleet’s Assistant Town Administrator

As the residents of Wellfleet had expressed an increased desire to avoid many of the problems that had occurred in other rapidly growing coastal communities and thus retain the unique character and environment of their community, this Forum program focused on town planning.

Assistant Town Administrator, Rex Peterson, provided an overview of community planning and discussed some of the methods and resources available to Outer Cape planners. He also described how his position, which includes an emphasis on planning, can advance these efforts in Wellfleet.

October 18, 2001

Program Topic: An Opportunity to Discuss Special Town Meeting Articles

The people of Wellfleet had the opportunity to learn about and to discuss the seventeen articles that were being considered at the October 22nd Special Town Meeting. Tim Smith, Town Administrator moderated the program and discussed each article. Several other knowledgeable people discussed the articles, four of which are related to moving ahead on the process of developing water, wastewater, or both water and wastewater systems for the Central District of Wellfleet. As usual, there was an opportunity for those who attended to ask questions, and to express their opinions.

November 29, 2001

Program Topic: An Evening With Alan Coriaty, Principal, Wellfleet Elementary School

This program was presented by Alan Coriaty who discussed the unique nature of Wellfleet Elementary School and its students. He reported on the recently released Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS) test results.

Mr. Coriaty also discussed a number of other topics including; special education, student behavior, school security, the budget, student/teacher ratios and regionalization.

December, 2001 No program was held.

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